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“A Celebration of Beauty”

Original Wildlife Art by Brendan Blanchard
Picture of the artist

   Confessions of an animal nut….

Why I do what I do…..

My reason for painting animals is simple.  I love them and am fascinated by them. I want to share with you the appreciation and awe I feel. I want to awaken or heighten that appreciation within you if I can. If a painting that I do helps you to feel an emotion then I consider that I have succeeded as an artist.

I also find it sad to contemplate the environmental damage that we are doing to the planet. Art can play a valuable role in raising awareness of the need to care for and preserve life. It has been said that we will not safeguard that which we do not value. Art can help us to see the beauty that is all around us and recognise that it is worth saving.

That’s my motivation. That’s what keeps me painting.


If you are up for the challenge and want to know the personal stuff read on….


For as long as I can remember two things have been a constant in my life. A love of animals and a love of drawing.  I have not always been in a position to indulge those loves as fully as I might like. There have been times when I have been able to paint and draw a great deal and other times when I only manage to get time here and there.

As an artist I enjoy capturing a realistic impression of my subject but I’m not interested in trying to create the realism of a photo.  If I wanted to do that I’d just take a photo!  Having said that I do admire artists who strive for and achieve that sort of realism.

I like my subjects to be clearly identifiable but I also like it to be obvious that it is a painting. I want you to have the illusion of detail but at the same time be able to see the brush strokes, rough edges, etc.

I could say that I am “self-taught” as an artist but in reality that would not be true. How many of us are self-taught in anything? We learn from others all the time as they in turn learn from us. I remember as a six or seven year old drawing with my mother. She would do Eucalypt trees that to me seemed very beautiful and detailed. It made me want to be able to recreate them. So, I undoubtedly learned from my mother.  I have also learned from countless others.  I have learned by trial and error. By my mistakes and little triumphs along the way.  Let’s face it, being an artist is an exciting journey that never ends and we are always learning.

My favourite mediums are pastel and acrylic, although I also really enjoy graphite pencils and technical pens. I’ve also enjoyed venturing into the world of digital painting using programs such as ArtRage and Rebelle

I’m 60 years old and happily married with no children. I play the guitar and am a confirmed sourdough baking addict!

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