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SafariLIVE Viewer Profile

By February 23, 2017News
Picture of artist - Brendan Blanchard

My SafariLIVE Viewer Profile!


I discovered SafariLIVE last year and really enjoy watching it.

They livestream two safari drives from Africa each day on their YouTube channel. I generally get to see part of the morning safari drive as it is actually in the afternoon here in Australia. I’d have to get up at about 1:00am to see the live sunset safari.

I’ve been able to get some great screen shots and they are happy for me to use them for artworks as long as I mention where the reference comes from. Look out for some future works featuring leopards, elephants and who knows what else.

They saw a pastel sketch that I did of a leopard’s paw and invited me to be interviewed for one of their viewer profiles. It went live today.

You can look at the full profile here:

Check out the SafariLIVE YouTube channel here:

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