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Superb Fairy-wren Greeting Cards

By March 11, 2019News
Set of Superb Fairy-wren cards

I’m really happy to announce that I’ve just completed a series of three paintings of the male Superb-Fairy wren in all his breeding finery.

These were done digitally using ArtRage.  When I’m planning to use images primarily for printed media then I find it great to be able to do the whole process digitally. It makes things so easy when dealing with printers, etc.

I find many people are confused about the process of creating an image digitally. There is a big difference between digitally enhancing a photo and actually painting an artwork using digital tools. At some point I do plan to do a post that explains the difference so “stay tuned”.

All three images are now available in my shop so click here and get yourself a set.


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