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The Avian Merry-Go-Round

By April 15, 2020Stories

One of the things that I love about animals is that they always seem to be doing something intriguing. We might not know the reasons behind certain behaviour and we have a tendency to place human emotions behind them. Nonetheless the things they do can often be a great source of amusement. Take a little scenario that played out near my home a little while back….

I had gone for my usual morning walk and was going past a building that had a rotating roof vent installed on it. A group of Currawongs came along and one of them landed on top of the vent and slowly rotated. He hopped off after a few seconds and then another Currawong hopped on for his turn. Then the original Currawong hopped on again, staying a little longer this time. It reminded me of children playing (that’s the human emotions getting involved) and gave me a good laugh to start the day.

So why were they doing it? Was there a reason behind it? Did they enjoy it? I can’t answer any of those questions. One thing that I can say is that it added to my day and put a smile on my face. And for me, that was enough.

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